Rent To Own


Our Rent to Own program helps individuals who have credit score challenges, not enough down payment, self employed individuals and new comers.In order to start our program, you will need a minimum 5% of the purchase price. The budget of your home is calculated based on your household annual income. You take your household annual income and multiply it by 4.5, that will give you an approximation of your budget.

Our rent to own program runs for an average of 3 years. While you are renting to own, we will help you get mortgage ready by helping you work on your credit score and giving you a minimum of 10% down payment through our purchase option program. There are two components to your monthly payments, Rent and Purchase Option Payment. At the end of your rent to own term, your original purchase option (5%) and your monthly purchase option payments will all be credited back toward the down payment needed to qualify for a mortgage to purchase your home.